ISOEN 2015, 16th International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Noses

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Final program, updated 20 June 2015, subject to last minute updates

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ISOCS pre-conference Tutorial (optional)

More information on the ISOCS Tutorial here

Sunday, June 28th
ISOCS pre-conference Tutorial (optional)

Olfaction, Human versus Artificial': is it possible to measure odors?


Registration & presentation of the Tutorial

Patrick Mielle, Jean-Luc Le Quéré


● Physiology of olfaction & taste
● GC-olfaction & recombination

Loïc Briand
Elisabeth Guichard


Coffee break


● Sensory evaluation
● Perceptual interactions

Sophie Nicklaus
Thierry Thomas-Danguin


Buffet lunch


● GC-MS / sample preparation
● Environmental odours assesment
● API-MS (on-line & global measurements)

Jean-Luc LeQuéré
Anne-Claude Romain
Jean-Luc LeQuéré


Shift to Chemosens
Visit of the facilities (Analytical & sensory Platform)
Shift to Jardin des Sciences (tram)

ISOEN Conference

Sunday, June 28th
ISOEN Conference


ISOEN Conference Get together / ice breaker party & Conference registration (Jardin des Sciences, Dijon)

Monday, June 29th

[Posters are displayed all along the conference days]


Conference registration & coffee

Conference secretariat


Opening ceremony

Jean-Christophe Mifsud, first ISOEN chair ; Giorgio Sberverglieri, ISOCS President
Patrick Mielle, Sandrine Isz, Anne-Claude Romain and Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna,   Conference & program chairs

Plenary keynote Lecture
E-nose: Correlation versus causality

Plenary Session: E-sense systems


● Printed smart RFID label with temperature, humidity and gas sensors enabling environmental monitoring


Coffee break + Poster session


● The Optoelectronic Nose
● An embedded system for the evaluation of ultra-sensitive optical sensor arrays based on photoluminescence quenching
● Grapevine crown gall detection by electronic nose
● High-sensitive and high-efficient biochemical analysis method using a developed smartphone-based colorimetric reader system





Tribute to Wolfgang Göpel

Plenary invited Lecture
20 years improvement in gas sensors


Parallel Symposium 1: Wolfgang Göpel [Gas sensors]


● Number of discriminable odor features for optimizing MOX sensor temperatures
● Magnonic sensor array to detect, discriminate and classify toxic gases
● Odor visualization using fluorescence-dyed molecularly-imprinted-polymer micro-powder
● Industrial odor concentration measurement using electronic nose and drift correction methodology


Coffee break


● Using a Polyaniline/Carbon Black Composite Sensor to Detect Ammonia in Humid Conditions
● Detection of volatile organic compounds by means of liquid crystals and liquid crystalline composites
● High temperature printed micro-hotplates on polyimide foil for gas sensing and sampling


► Flash presentations session 1


• Automated detection of trace explosives by Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometer
• Olfactoscan device used to reveal aroma actives compounds in Pinot Noir wines
• Fault tolerance and long term stability by an olfactory bulb model: application to a gas sensor array
• Identification of proliferative and molecular features of breast cancer cells by an adaptive temperature modulated gas sensor



Parallel Symposium 2b: Industrial applications


● Implementation of Electronic nose as a non destructive test for composite adhesive bonding quality checks in aerospace industry
● Development of flavor profile of pet food palatants using Electronic Nose and Electronic Tongue
● Multi-sensory evaluation of olives using electronic sensing instruments
● 'MOx sensors versus Analysers' for the environmental monitoring of landfill air


Coffee break


Parallel Symposium 2a: Medical applications


● Foodborne bacteria identification based on continuous evolution patterns generated by electronic tongues
● Diagnosis of arthritic diseases by a combined analysis of synovial fluid
● A rapid discrimination of diabetic patients from volunteers using urinary volatile and an Electronic Nose


► Flash presentations session 2


• Development of analytical methods based on Laser vaporization Electronic Nose for the detection of transmitters of Chagas disease
• Validation of an electronic nose device for the diagnosis of mastitis in dairy cows
• Benchmarking algorithms for chemical source location probability mapping
• Development of baker’s yeast assisted potentiometric multisensor system for protein purity evaluation

  ISOCS General Assembly
Tuesday, June 30th

[Posters are displayed all along the day]

Plenary invited Lecture: 
Olfactory displays: Toward digitalization and reproduction of scents

Plenary Session: Applications


● Use of plastic-based analytical device, smartphone and chemometric tools to discriminate amines in meat
● Electronic tongue for pharmaceutical dissolution tests


Coffee break + Poster session 2


● Discrimination of grape juices by an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance multisensor system
● Electronic tongue in botrytized wine authentication
● Sol-gel synthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticle: electrochemical detection of uric acid and guanine
● Electronic tongues to assess wine sensory descriptors
● Versatility and potential of electronic nose technology in the anaerobic digestion domain: a practical example



Plenary invited Lecture: 
Taste sensors: do they really feel taste?


Parallel Symposium 3a: Electronic tongue


● Electronic tongue for the recognition of cetirizine - based pharmaceutical formulations
● Optical chemical sensor for cyanobacterial toxins detection
● Potentiometric E-tongue for indirect control of protein production in E. Coli
● Assessment of theaflavin-digallate in black tea by multi-frequency large amplitude pulse voltammetric electronic tongue
● Calibration update strategies for an array of potentiometric chemical sensors


Coffee break



Parallel Symposium 3b: Biosensors


● A highly specific bioengineered bitter receptor cell-based biosensor with label-free cell-impedance sensing assay
● An extracellular recording microfluidic device for functional assay of single taste receptor cell
● Diamond micro-cantilevers as transducers for olfactory receptors - based biosensors: application to the receptors M71, OR7D4 & OR1740


► Flash presentations session 3



Parallel Symposium 4a: Olfaction & sensory


● Hyphenation of gas chromatography and Electronic Nose Detection for off-odour analysis of materials
● Outdoor odour immission monitoring by combining advanced sensor systems and a citizens network
● Augmenting human odor assessments of cabin air quality of automobiles by instrumental measurements
● Electronic nose for evaluating cat food quality
● Characterization of aged brandies by proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometry according to their origin within a limited production area


Coffee break



Parallel Symposium 4b: Sniffing robots


● Odor classification in motion: how fast can the E-nose go?
● Active quad nose: gas sensing system that can determine two-dimensional direction of gas source
● Bringing Artificial Olfaction and mobile robotics closer together - an integrated 3D gas dispersion simulator in ROS


► Flash presentations session 4



Shift to the coatches



Coach departure for the wine riviera (optional)

Wine tasting & Social dinner (optional)
Wednesday, July 1st

Posters are displayed all along the day

Plenary invited Lecture: 
Demand for e-tongue in the pharmaceutical industry

Plenary Session: Alex Vergara [Data processing]


Tribute to Alex Vergara

Plenary invited Lecture: 
Signal processing for chemical sensors: past, present, and future

● How much Partial Least Squares - Discriminant Analysis overfits?


Coffee break + Poster session


● Performance of MOX-sensor based electronic nose in early fire detection: a bio-inspired approach
● Detection of weak chemicals in strong backgrounds with a tunable infrared sensor
● Real-time odor classification through sequential Bayesian filtering
● Olive oil quality determination using multi-capillary column-ion mobility spectrometry and multivariate data processing

Plenary invited Lecture: 
Smart home appliances


Closing and award ceremony 


Lunch - farewell



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