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Sponsors & Partners

Companies and organizations that are interested in co-sponsoring ISOEN 2015 in Dijon are invited to contact the conference organizers. Sponsoring provides high visibility to advertise products and/or services in all fields of the conference topics. Sponsoring Packages are available. We propose special rates for SME (less than 10 employees)

All the Sponsors will benefit from a long lasting recognition and high-level exposure to an audience of scientists and engineers from academia, research centers, national research institutes and companies interested in all aspects of E-senses, Sensors and Quality control.

Funding is essential in order to assure the high quality talks and to enable attendance of key non-industrial
By participating at ISOEN2015, the Sponsors will contribute to the success of the Conference while:
    * Obtaining high qualified visibility and exposure
    * Promoting their products and services to focused and interested audience
    * Enhancing brand awareness in a qualifying and qualified event of international relevance
    * Creating new commercial contact

Thanks to our sponsors and partners:

Logo INRA Science & Impact


The French National Institute for Agricultural Research .
INRA is the French leading research institute for food, agriculture and environment, number one in Europe and number two in the world.
INRA carries out mission-oriented research for high-quality and healthy foods, competitive and sustainable agriculture and a preserved and valorised environment.

Head office
147 rue de l'Université,
F- 75338 Paris Cedex 07
Phone: +33(0)1 42 75 90 00

Website :

Logo Université de Bourgogne

Université de Bourgogne

University of Burgundy (uB) fulfils a dual mission of education and research in all scientific fields, among which Social sciences, Humanities, Physical sciences, and Life sciences.
Located in Burgundy, between Paris and Lyon, uB has its main campus in Dijon, and several others spread across Burgundy.
It counts 10 faculties, 4 engineering schools, 3 institutes of technology offering undergraduate courses, and 2 professional institutes providing post-graduate programmes.
uB enrols 27,000 students, among whom 3,000 international students, every year.

Maison de l’université
Esplanade Erasme -
F - 21000 Dijon
Phone: +33 (0)3 80 39 50 00

Website :  University of Burgundy



The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research) is a public organization under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Education and Research.

Founded in 1939 by governmental decree, CNRS has the following missions:

  • To evaluate and carry out all research capable of advancing knowledge and bringing social, cultural, and economic benefits for society.
  • To contribute to the application and promotion of research results.
  • To develop scientific information.
  • To support research training.
  • To participate in the analysis of the national and international scientific climate and its potential for evolution in order to develop a national policy.

CNRS Délégation Centre-Est
17 rue Notre-Dame des Pauvres, B.P. 10075
F - 54519 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy
Phone: +33 (0)3 83 85 60 00

Website :  National Center for Scientific Research


Center for Taste and Feeding Behaviour

CSGA is the organizer of ISOEN 2015.
The Center for Taste and Feeding  Behaviour is a public research unit dedicated to the study of the different signals coming from  food and their impact on feeding behaviour both in animal models and human being.
The various teams of the Centre have different expertises such as physico-chemistry of aromas, detection and integration of the signalling molecules, physiology and sensory analysis.

Head: Dr Luc Pénicaud

9E boulevard Jeanne d'Arc
F - 21000 Dijon

Website :  CSGA

Université de Liège, Arlon campus

Université de Liège, Arlon campus

SAM – Sensing of Atmospheres and monitoring
The university campus of the Environmental Sciences and Management Department of the ULg (University of Liège), in Arlon is the first campus to entirely commit to the teaching and the research in environmental subjects, already since 1971. The campus is today resolutely engaged in the implementation of sustainable development (in teaching, research, as well as practice). It hosts six research units which develop both fundamental and applied research in the sectors of air, energy, agrometeorology, water and socio-economics.

Arlon Campus Environnement - ULg
Avenue de Longwy, 185
B - 6700 ARLON

Logo Vitagora English


Vitagora is a cluster and a club, in other words an independant entity grouping together players from different backgrounds around the theme "Taste-Nutrition-Health" in order to pursue commain goals concerning competitiveness, greater recognition and economic development.
The main players are  from the food industry - both global and small to medium-sized companies - and from research, higher education and training.

Maison des Industries Alimentaires de Bourgogne
4 Bd Docteur Jean Veillet - BP 46524
F-21065 DIJON Cedex

Website :

Logo Ecro


The goal of ECRO is to promote fundamental and applied research in chemosensory science especially olfaction and taste in vertebrates and invertebrates.
ECRO is financed by individual member subscriptions and by donations from industry and research institutions.
To facilitate participation of younger scientists ECRO supports travel grants for students .

Institut de Neurobiologie Alfred Fessard, FRC2118
CNRS, Bât. 05, Avenue de la Terrasse,
F- 91198 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex

Website :

Logo CRB

Conseil Regional de Bourgogne

The region of Burgundy provides a financial support for the organization of ISOEN 2015 in Dijon.

This local authority subsidise such as higher education and research institute.

Conseil régional de Bourgogne
17 boulevard de la Trémouille, CS 23502

Website :  Burgundy Regional council

Logo Ville de Dijon

Ville de Dijon

Welcome to Dijon, a human sized regional capital and dynamic metropolitan city which offers easy living and a strong sense of community to its inhabitants. Suffice to say, this urban area has what it takes to be in the premier leagues.
In the past ten years, one billion euros have been invested to equip Dijon with transportation infrastrustures and facilities worthy of a metropolitan city. A tramway, a new hospital, the Zenith performance centre, an Olympic size swimming pool, a comprehensive TGV rail network, a bypass, a new Fine Arts Museum, a contemporary art center, a large sports stadium, new business parks, and soon a digital multi-media library.
Quality of life and sustainable development have always been at the forefront of our strategy : Dijon is becoming an ecological reference in Europe .
With its preserved region and the starting point of the world famous Burgundy grands crus road, Dijon is an international city of gastronomy . Its top notch position is ideal to promote and defend the French gastronomical meal which has been recognised by Unesco’s worlwide heritage. Our companies, laboratories, renown schools make up our unique fabric in Europe which serves the fields of taste, nutrition and health.

Mairie de Dijon
 Place de la Libération
  F - 21000 Dijon
 Phone: +33 (0)3 80 74 51 51

Website :  Ville de Dijon

Logo office du tourisme

Office du Tourisme de Dijon


The new Dijon is more open to the public than ever before, after a 10-year transformation process. A tramway, a new TGV station, the pedestrian zone in the city center, the renovation of Fine Arts Museum: these are all excellent reasons to come and discover or rediscover Dijon, capital of Burgundy.
Lovers of fine wine, gastronomy, art and architecture will all be charmed by Dijon!
A city of art enriched with an exceptional history and a city of gastronomy, Dijon is the starting point for exploring the villages and the wines of the Burgundy wine-growing region.

- Information point Gare ( near the train station ), 15 cour de la Gare - Dijon
- Information point Forges ( city center ), 11 rue des Forges - Dijon
- Information point Puits de Moïse ( Well of Moses ), Centre Hospitalier Spécialisé de la Chartreuse - Dijon

11 rue des Forges - BP 82296
  F - 21022 Dijon

Website :  Visit Dijon

Jardin des Sciences

Jardin des Sciences

Dijon Science Garden is a unique concept in Europe: it brings together, on the same site, a planetarium, a natural history museum and botanical garden.
It is a place for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, it offers a complete cross-functional and wide picture of all the natural sciences.  
Here, you can see, you can listen, you can exchange, you can catch, we speak of the universe, of life and biodiversity ... and we are talking about us!

Museum Jardin des Sciences de l'Arquebuse
1, avenue Albert 1er
F - 21000 Dijon
Phone: +33 (0)3 80 48 82 00

Website :  Botanical garden, Sciences garden

Alpha-MOS logo

Alpha MOS

Alpha MOS is an analytical instrumentation company which was set up in 1993 to develop, manufacture and market Electronic Noses and Tongues worldwide. It was the first company to introduce Electronic Noses to the market.
Alpha MOS conceives and markets instruments and solutions for chemical profiling. The company more specifically develops sensing technologies that digitize the human senses and can provide an odor, taste or chemical profile of a product.

20, avenue Didier DAURAT

Website :

DIANA Pet Food logo

DIANA Pet Food

DIANA Pet Food , the world’s leading partner committed to improving pet food performance, develops innovative solutions to increase the well-being of cats and dogs, and pet owner satisfaction. Member of the Symrise Group, the Pet Food Business unit relies on a strong establishment in 5 continents with 670 employees, 17 industrial sites, 17 sales offices, 1 research center, 4 regional development and technical support centers and 3 cats and dogs expert panels.

Worldwide leader in palatability enhancers, DIANA Pet Food offers an exclusive set of services and a wide product portfolio targeting pets and pet owners sensorial satisfaction, pets Health & Nutrition and natural pet food protection.

ZA du Gohélis
F-56250 ELVEN

Website :  DIANA Pet Food

Logo Sensigent


Sensigent is a sensor and instrumentation manufacturer with a 15 year history in electronic nose technology, including proprietary NoseChip™ sensor arrays, multi-sensor data fusion algorithms and networked systems of sensors.  Our Cyranose® 320 product, the world’s first handheld electronic nose, serves diverse markets from industrial quality to medical research.  Our line of eNose® sensor products for OEMs serve the food and beverage industries worldwide.  

1438 Arrow Hwy
91706 Baldwin Park, CA  USA
Phone: +01-626-768-2626

Logo JLM Innovation

JLM Innovation

JLM Innovation develops measurement technology and instrumentation for gas sensors and multi sensor systems.
Its products are used worldwide by leading research institutions and companies in the development of new gas sensors and applications covering medical, environmental, industrial, safety, consumer and mobile markets.

Vor dem Kreuzberg 17
D-72070 Tübingen

Website :

Logo Aromalyse EN


AROMALYSE is an analytical laboratory specialising in custom chemical analysis of food flavour compounds and other difficult target compounds in complex matrices or at trace levels such as migration of food contact materials.
AROMALYSE is actively involved in developing new analytical methods at the forefront of science.

3, rue des Ciseaux

Website :

Logo Sensirion


Sensirion is the leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement and control of humidity and gas and liquid flows. Founded in 1998, the company is based in Staefa near Zurich, Switzerland, and currently employs about 600 people worldwide, including in the US, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Germany. The headquarters in Switzerland is responsible for research, development and production.
Millions of our sensors are used all over the world, including in the automotive industry, medical technology, building technology, industrial processes, and in consumer goods. Sensirion’s success is based on the innovative CMOSens® Technology, which combines sensor and analysis electronics in a single semiconductor chip, guaranteeing high precision, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Sensirion AG
Laubisruetistrasse 50
8712 Staefa, Switzerland

Logo Odometric


Odometric, as Consulting Engineering Office and laboratory with expertise in air quality, assists you for a better odour and air pollution management.
From emission measurement, through impact evaluation till research of solutions and long term monitoring.
Based on an understanding of your business, identification of air emissions sources and dispersion modelling , our impact analysis sets out the risks to the environment. It also helps verify your scenarios, to determine the height of chimneys and the layout of your facilities.

577 Route de Longwy,
B-6700 Arlon

Website :

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Date of last update: 24 February 2015