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ExpeER International Conference 2014

International Conference on Experimentation in Ecosystem Research in a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities

24th and 25th of September
National Museum of Natural History (auditorium de la Grande Galerie de l'Evolution), 36 rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire in Paris, France

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ExpeER International Conference 2014

The ExpeER International Conference 2014 took place at the French National Museum of Natural History (Paris) on the 24th and 25th of September 2014. An additional modeling workshop was conducted at the Jussieu campus of the University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris) on the 26th of September. The event was organized by INRA and INRA Transfert with financial support from the European Commission within the framework of the EU FP7 project ExpeER ( ).

The strategic aim of the conference was to provide insight on how European and international Research Infrastructures can respond to the grand challenges of understanding global environmental changes that the world is facing today.

Close to 100 participants from all over the world attended the conference, including 23 speakers and 13 poster presenters. Various domains were covered, among which forest, soil sciences, agriculture, hydrology, economy, and modeling. The presentations focused on the following topics: “research infrastructures to address the global change”, “linking in natura to in vitro experimentation”, “new tools to meet new challenges” and “data access and modeling”. 11 keynote speakers provided their insight on these issues. Major output of the ExpeER project were also presented. The presentations were complemented by 3 sessions of poster display and a concluding plenary session of open discussion. The conference proceedings and the ExpeER brochure focusing on the project’s sites were handed out during the conference. Most of the presentations from the conference are available on this website, at the program page .

Further communication material on ExpeER output will be issued in early 2015. The project coordinator Dr. Abad Chabbi sent out an invitation to contribute a chapter for a book publication which will cover the topics of the conference.

ExpeER 4th Annual meeting

The ExpeER 4th Annual meeting took place at the French National Museum of Natural History (Paris) in the afternoon of 23 September 2014. 36 consortium members attended the meeting. The meeting focused on the remaining workload in the ExpeER project, the management and financial issues and the major output that would not be presented in the ExpeER International Conference 2014. The meeting ended with an open discussion among the consortium members on how to disseminate and sustain the ExpeER output beyond the project’s completion.