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EAAP 2013

August 26-30, 2013 - La Cité Nantes Events Centre, 5 Rue de Valmy 44000 Nantes, France

Registration closed on Friday 30 August 2013

Before beginning registration, please read the following :

→ Only one participant in the scientific meeting can register at a time. This participant may however register one or several accompanying person(s) with her/him

EAAP members are allowed a reduced rate. Please click here to check whether you may become an EAAP member.

It is compulsory to select one and one only out of the six packages labelled with ##. All other packages are optional.

If you register as a student, you must provide proof of status, i.e. an official letter written in English and signed by the head of Department on official University letterhead. The letter must be sent to :
EAAP 2013, UMR PEGASE, INRA, F-35590 Saint Gilles, France.
Failure to send the signed official letter will result in having to pay full registration fee.

→ When selecting payment method,please select Bank transfer or credit card. Order form can only be used by INRA staff.

Add the number of packages you need by clicking on ADD and ADD more packages when you are finished click on Checkout

All prices indicated are per person.

For any question please contact the EAAP 2013 by email.

Note : Register before 31 May 2013 to benefit from reduced registration prices for both members and non-members.


Important : Do not use the "back" arrow of your navigator.

Written by: W. Brand-Williams
Date of creation: 13 March 2012
Date of last update: 18 April 2013