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Dijon Domains 2012
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Dijon Domains 2012

International Conference on Membrane Domains 27-30 November 2012 DIJON,FRANCE

November, the 27th to 30th 2012
AgroSup Dijon, Campus Universitaire Montmuzard, 21000 Dijon



Main Topic

This conference will be dedicated to the most advanced methodologies allowing the study of membrane sub-compartmentation, the latest exciting discoveries concerning the characterization of membrane organization (including the visualization of membrane domains), and the most recent evidences indicating a crucial role of this organization and its dynamics in signaling processes and cell physiology. It intends to bring together physicists, biophysicists, biochemists, and cell biologists, to give the state of art of the "membrane domains" concept and share their experience of multidisciplinary approaches giving new prospects to explore this fascinating subject.


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