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6th European Workshop on Plant Senescence
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6th European Workshop on Leaf Senescence

14-18 October 2013
Route de St Cyr (RD 10), 78026 Versailles Cedex, INRA, France

In plant, the senescence of leaves, petals and pods is characterized by a large set of macroscopic and microscopic phenotypes, which result from highly controlled sequential molecular events. Essential to nutrient management, nitrogen remobilisation and more globally to the adaptation of plants to their environment, senescence is a trait of interest in agriculture.
The 6th European Workshop on Leaf Senescence will be interested in providing an overview on the:
- Signals and regulatory pathways triggering senescence onset and involved in senescence progression
- Metabolic features linked to senescence
- Role of proteolysis and autophagy on senescence control and effects
- Impact of senescence on plant productivity and nitrogen remobilisation
- Senescence and programmed cell death



chestnut senescing leaves, © Inra C. Enard


Group photo of the workshop

Group photo of 6th European Workshop on Leaf Senescence
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Journal of Experimental Botany - JXB Special issue 2014 LEAF SENESCENCE

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